[Vandal] Looking For A Strong Finish

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Looking For A Strong Finish

Idaho senior CB Noil enters sixth year with new coach, prospects

By Dale Grummert

MOSCOW — Wyryor (pronounced “Warrior”) Noil was 6 years old and living in New Orleans in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina struck. He remembers his large family packing what possessions it could, crowding into a station wagon and driving away, with no destination in mind.

The experience has maybe helped him respond to the challenges of college football.

Having endured five years worth of stops and starts, the senior cornerback now is entering his coronavirus bonus season and is drawing frequent shout-outs during spring drills from new coach Jason Eck. Last week, he won the Battle Axe Competitor of the Day award, then he intercepted a pass during Tuesday’s skeleton drills.

“I can’t say it’s gone like I planned it to go,” he said of his career. “But I’ve definitely enjoyed it, and I’ve learned from each lesson I was taught.

“Everybody wants to play right now — play soon, but my path took me on a different route, and I’m just happy to still be here, to have eligibility.”

His family gained some stability in recent years after moving to Portland, Ore. But the aftermath of Katrina was difficult.

“I just remember having to get up and leave where we were living,” Noil said. “My family packed into a small Suburban and we just had to drive. I didn’t know where we were going. I don’t think any of us really did. We were just driving away from the storm. There was packed traffic on the highways, and we ended up in a small town in Mississippi where we ended up living for a few years.”

Noil has secured a degree in exercise science and now is working on a master’s in educational leadership. He sees himself someday in an administrative role. His younger brother, Michael, is a junior receiver for the Vandals.

Idaho cornerbacks coach Stanley Franks Jr. attributes Noil’s gritty resolve partly to his experience with Katrina.
“He’s a guy that works hard,” Franks said. “He has to pay a little more attention to details, but he’s out here giving effort, he’s competing. And he doesn’t back down. He’s a tough, physical kid. As he continues to progress, he’s going to be a big-time player for us.”

The Vandals devoted the final portion of the team period to May Day drills, with Gevani McCoy and later CJ Jordan at quarterback and Jordan in particular pushing the tempo. What followed was a mini-scrimmage, with Macloud Crowton and later McCoy at quarterback. Crowton ended his stint with a short, clever touchdown pass to freshman Spencer Fisher.

The Battle Axe award went to senior linebacker Fa’avae Fa’avae.

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