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|   Athletics Announces New Football Seating, and Tried and True Season Ticket Assurance PlansIn the interest of health and safety, seating in the Kibbie Dome for the 2020 football season is being adjusted. Capacity is limited to approximately 5,100 fans this season, to maintain healthy operations for large events. With the limited number of seats available this year, season tickets are the only way to guarantee attendance at Vandal home games. Fans are encouraged to secure their season tickets today by calling the Idaho Ticket Office at (208) 885-6466.All tickets will be reserved seating. The University of Idaho Ticket Office has changed the seating chart to reflect the limited number of available seats in 2020, forcing some season ticket locations to be moved. Season tickets will now be available based on the new seating chart, which allows for more physical distancing and all fans will be required to wear face masks while inside the Kibbie Dome. For questions on available seating or your new location, please contact the University of Idaho Ticket Office at (208) 885-6466.Further, should any changes be made to the schedule that impact the number or dates of home games, Idaho Athletics will provide season ticket holders the following options:   
   - Credit of payments      
      - Credit your 2020 football season tickets and RV parking permits to the 2021 football season

   - Donation of payments      
      - Donate your 2020 football season tickets and RV parking permits to the Vandal Scholarship Fund – in support of athletic scholarships – and receive a fully tax-deductible gift receipt

   - Refund on tickets      
      - A full refund will be provided for 2020 football season tickets and RV parking permits. Contributions associated with priority seating and parking will become a full tax-deductible gift.

A donor may request a refund of their annual donation associated with seating and parking. Fans are asked to consider reallocating these funds as a charitable gift in support of Idaho’s student-athletes. Athletics acknowledges possible concerns felt by the Vandal Family and is working toward providing a safe atmosphere this fall. Please know that your commitment to the University of Idaho’s more than 300 student-athletes is greatly appreciated.Click on the image above to read the full release.   |
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