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Hi SBSE list serve,

Amory Lovins famously talks about reducing the energy use of air and water distribution systems by focusing design on reducing friction- producing pipe and duct runs that are short, fat and straight.

I'm looking for good case study buildings that illustrate this point. I'm hoping that they make the mechanical systems configuration an architectural question with a clear spatial logic- something that we see in the plan and section as distinctive and tied to net-zero as a goal.

The question that set off the hunt involved how one would do fresh air ventilation and heat recovery in a Passive House high rise... all options seem to be taken by different published buildings- an HRV in every unit, an HRV on every floor, and completely centralized systems. Given that I will never teach the detailed design of any of this equipment, I'm looking for buildings that plant the question provocatively and case studies that might illustrate how design teams have wrestled with this goal.

Much thanks, as always!

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