[Sbse] Reminder and Encouragement: ASHRAE Low Down Showdown

Walter Grondzik gzik at gzik.org
Thu May 13 10:06:37 PDT 2021

The ASHRAE Low Down Showdown has been discussed in this forum recently. 
This is just a reminder that the deadline for declaration of interest to 
participate is rapidly approaching (20 May 2021). This is also an 
encouragement to consider forming an academic team (or 
academic-professional team) to engage in the competition. It is a really 
great opportunity to merge building design and performance analysis. To 
walk the talk. If you form an academic team you'll likely compete with 
professional firms -- this is in fact excellent experience. In the words 
of the ASHRAE website:

The goal of the LowDown Showdown modeling competition is to engage 
participants in a collaborative and fun learning experience that 
explores new advances in building science, modeling and technology. 
Teams are comprised of building analysts, designers, architects, 
engineers and other participants. Teams will be responsible for creating 
the architectural design and a performance analysis model based on model 
building data. The teams may use any software or a combination of 
software to complete their projects.

Each team will create and submit a poster of their building design, 
complete the performance analysis model and results spreadsheet and 
write a one-page narrative on project workflow. Teams will present their 
projects at the BPAC conference and be judged by a panel of industry 
experts who will select the winners. Teams will be judged on eight 
categories: Creativity, Innovative Approaches, 
Sustainability/Durability, Energy Use, Indoor Environmental Quality, 
Workflow, Teamwork and Presentation.

The deadline to sign up to participate in the 2021 LowDown Showdown is 
May 20, 2021.


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