[Sbse] Free Webinar: New ground modelling, daylighting, scripting, ASHRAE 90.1/LEED tools and more...

David Cocking David.Cocking at designbuilder.co.uk
Wed May 12 07:14:31 PDT 2021

Join us for a free webinar on 20 May to learn about exciting new developments in the (recently released) DesignBuilder v7. The webinar will demonstrate and preview some of the key DesignBuilder v7 new features (see below), and provide some top tips for getting the most out of the software:

* 3D ground modelling using Kiva for more accurate building-ground heat transfer calculations.
* Import EnergyPlus IDF files created in other tools.
* Directly export your heating and cooling loads from DesignBuilder to MagiCAD to further develop your HVAC design.
* Daylighting upgrade including results visualisation in 3D modeller.
* Model data and Detailed HVAC data management and QA checking using Model Data Grid Tool.
* Automatic LEED v4 Minimum Energy Performance Calculator generation with all key inputs filled out.
* ASHRAE 90.1 App G 2013 and 2016 modelling including the latest baseline HVAC systems.
* Scripting tool update provides deeper integration with the optimisation, parametric and uncertainty and sensitivity analysis engine, plus access to the DesignBuilder API through Python.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end. If you are not able to attend the live webinar, please do register anyway to receive a follow up email with a link to the recording.

You can register free here: https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/9151869011015229198?source=SBSE*1__;Kw!!JYXjzlvb!wKCCQgo2qJC7q2Wohh1ksrf8Uh4vRA8EDRZonsGzIF_JdvfvAvBcFdF5oHTDGw$ 

Best wishes,

David Cocking
Director I Tel: +44 (0)1453 755500 I david.cocking at designbuilder.co.uk<mailto:david.cocking at designbuilder.co.uk>

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