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Dear All,

In that lovely climate there will be many who will want to run their 
building complexes for as much of the day and year as possible using 
natural ventilation which is the main way to reduce heating and cooling 
and ventilation costs in buildings (that is obviously a no-brainer).

Question - Does ASHRAE have a standard methodology for calculating 
reductions in air movement due to insect screens and security grills?

Ceiling fans will also be key to genuinely low energy buildings.

This begs the question of what temperatures are inbuilt into the models 
use for acceptable temperatures for fan and natural ventilation use.

Fergus Nicol and I did a paper last November for the Dutch HVAC journal 
for acceptable temperature ranges for naturally ventilated building - I 
would be happy to send a copy to anyone interested.

I also have a great paper by Dick Aynsley on calculating fan power etc 
he did for a book I edited - I can send that too if you are interested. 
He was an early expert for Big Ass Fans who also have a great resource 
site on fan design:  HVLS Design Guide (bigassfans.com) 
<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://guide.bigassfans.com/__;!!JYXjzlvb!3EBo7zKPwiN5ucoiKl3N3U3K_K4xxieICQ6PEcDW3GcK3grhpvLemTDkForOvg$ >

In that climate a great idea is to use simple roof space extract fans to 
pull air through the building from cooler / garden type places - where 
planting and water etc can lower temps by up to 5C - from a shiny hot 
sunny equivalent space with hard reflective surfaces - if not more.

I have no doubt that such issues will dominate the submissions - or is 
this for high energy buildings that need energy 24/7/365    - that cant 

Good luck with the interesting project.

Best wishes


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Hi everyone,
ASHRAE has just announced its 2021 building energy modeling competition, 
the LowDown Showdown, below. It’s a great climate (Puerto Rico) with a 
great, challenging program, this year, and the competition committee 
would love to have more  academic representation among the teams! 
Students can compete by (a) forming their own team; (b) joining with 
faculty and/or practitioners; or (c) signing up individually to be 
grouped with others who sign up individually.

Please let me know if you have any questions (arempel at uoregon.edu); I’ve 
competed twice myself, as part of the Parametric Posse with students and 
faculty from Ball State, and I’m now on the competition committee, 
working with Walter Grondzik  and others to create ever-greater roles 
for passive systems in these competitions.

The details are below. Best of luck with the end of the term, for all of 
you on semesters, and hang in there, everyone on quarters!

2021 ASHRAE LowDown Showdown Competition

November 10 - 12, 2021 | ashrae.org/BuildPerform2021 

Model Building Announced for ASHRAE Modeling Competition

Unleash your design and modeling skills, collaborate with project team 
members and showcase your innovative building design to  conference 
  Sign up NOW for the 7th Annual ASHRAE LowDown Showdown (LDSd) which 
will take place at the 2021 Building Performance Analysis Conference on 
November 10-12, 2021 in Denver, CO.

Each year of the LDSd competition, we ask participating teams to take on 
a new challenge in building performance analysis. For 2021 the 
competition will ask teams to expand their  comfort zone and take on the 
challenges of a tropical climate with particular challenges for 
resiliency and "near net zero" design. The competition will also require 
teams to use their creativity to develop schemes for engagement of the 
building & its occupants  with the community.

The 2021 LDSd model building will be located in Puerto Rico. 
Participating Teams will design a 75,000 sf, residential care center 
located at a site on the island to be chosen  by each team. The building 
will contain residences, offices, amenities and clinical spaces.

Here’s your chance to join an integrated team that will compete for fun 
and prizes in the annual LowDown Showdown modeling competition. Sign 
your team up today or sign up as  an individual participant and we will 
put you on a team! Bring your imagination and analytical skills to the 
party and create the prototype building of the future!


The goal of the LowDown Showdown modeling competition is to engage 
participants in a collaborative and fun learning experience that 
explores new advances in building science,  modeling and technology. 
Teams are comprised of building analysts, designers, architects, 
engineers and other participants. Teams will be responsible for creating 
the architectural design and a performance analysis model based on model 
building data. The teams  may use any software or a combination of 
software to complete their projects.

Each team will create and submit a poster of their building design, 
complete the performance analysis model and results spreadsheet and 
write a one-page narrative on project  workflow. Teams will present 
their projects at the BPAC conference and be judged by a panel of 
industry experts who will select the winners. Teams will be judged on 
eight categories: Creativity, Innovative Approaches, 
Sustainability/Durability, Energy Use,  Indoor Environmental Quality, 
Workflow, Teamwork and Presentation.

The deadline to sign up to participate in the 2021 LowDown Showdown is 
May 20th.

Sign  Up Here 

Please send all questions to Christopher Preyor at c 
<mailto:cpreyor at ashrae.org> preyor at ashrae.org 
<mailto:cpreyor at ashrae.org> .

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