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Dear SBSE colleagues,

I’m pleased to announce this timely Call for Papers for a special issue of Buildings & Cities:

Call for Papers: special issue on HOUSING ADAPTABILITY 
Guest Editors: Sofie Pelsmakers (Tampere U) and Elanor Warwick (Clarion Housing Association)

Deadline for abstract submission: 7 June 2021

Full details: https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://bit.ly/3tzJXvs__;!!JYXjzlvb!xic-lJAECNqYiG1F-_ITbSBDccEOooWIffwoxQbrSg-IQSUFRLDwTyMh6b3Y0w$  <https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://bit.ly/3tzJXvs__;!!JYXjzlvb!xic-lJAECNqYiG1F-_ITbSBDccEOooWIffwoxQbrSg-IQSUFRLDwTyMh6b3Y0w$ >

Over the past 40+ years, the size of urban dwellings has diminished in many countries, resulting in negative impacts on residents’ needs and activities. At the same time, an increasing range of activities is expected to be performed at home.  One set of possible solutions involves increasing the adaptability of spaces within the dwelling.  Other solutions may reconsider the relation between domestic privacy and public cohabitation / shared facilities. 

This special issue will explore multiple perspectives across environmental, spatial and social aspects:
·       concepts of adaptability in housing and their implications across a range of issues, scales (e.g. internal or external rooms, dwellings, building, immediate neighbourhood and city scale)
·       the potential for existing and new housing to become more adaptable over time and its implications at different scales and for different stakeholders
·       drivers and barriers to implementing housing adaptability, including Open Building lessons 
·       improving the longevity of buildings and the circular economy through adaptability 
·       how residents may overcome unadaptable spaces
·       the benefits and unintended consequences that may arise
·       what shapes inhabitants’ needs, perceptions and expectations for adaptable spaces
·       the trade-offs of adaptable designs (e.g. costs, embodied / operational energy, redundant features, smaller units …

A detailed list of topics and further information can be found on https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://bit.ly/3tzJXvs__;!!JYXjzlvb!xic-lJAECNqYiG1F-_ITbSBDccEOooWIffwoxQbrSg-IQSUFRLDwTyMh6b3Y0w$  <https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://bit.ly/3tzJXvs__;!!JYXjzlvb!xic-lJAECNqYiG1F-_ITbSBDccEOooWIffwoxQbrSg-IQSUFRLDwTyMh6b3Y0w$ >

Kind regards,
Richard Lorch

Richard Lorch, Editor in Chief
Buildings & Cities
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