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Thanks Fred and David. Just what I wanted to hear. When can I buy the Fermata system. Wood is obviously one answer. During a ten day blackout in Vladivostock of the electricity and districkheatjng system in the old concrete Soviet era flats someone td me what kept them alive was Salami. Food for thought there! Sue------ 
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On  Sunday, 11 Apr, 21 At 23:41, David Slutzky<david at fermataenergy.com> 

Fermata Energy will bring a residential EV charger to the US market in 
early 2022 with blackstart and islanding features, making it the first 
true backup power...paired with a Nissan LEAF, it will provide the 
equivalent of 4 Tesla power walls.

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Sue Roaf said:
  " so where can we f[i]nd heat in an extreme blizzard, with the power 
out for a week?”

  Norway requires all houses to have a secondary back-up heat system 
using a different energy source, usually wood, presumably so that people 
don’t die if the power goes out in winter.  Up here on the upper left 
edge of the US, we’ve ridden through several winter outages over the 
past forty years quite comfortably with our wood stove for heat and 
cooking.  It’s great if you think of it as glamping, not trying to “keep 
the lights on".  It also helps to be in an area with plentiful scrap 

  That being said, we now also have a low-tech way to use our electric 
car’s battery to keep our refrigeration going for quite a number of days 
in an outage.  I’d love to pair that with solar, but our property is too 
shaded for it to make sense.

  In an ideal world, our little dead-end street could be a microgrid 
that in an outage cuts itself off from the grid and has limited power 
from solar and/or wind, with either e-car or stationary battery 
storage.  The local utility has started talking about possible 
demonstration projects ...

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  On Apr 10, 2021, at 8:40 AM, Susan Roaf <s.roaf at btinternet.com 
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   so where can we fund heat in an extreme blizzard, with the power out 
for a week?

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