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Dorothy and Michael,

Why dont you two get together and pitch into the Void - make solar music 
and change happen?  Dream - Work - Make Change Happen.

You know I have been wondering how inappropriate my contributions to the 
various riffs at SBSE are.  Then I got to thinking it is possibly about 
our respective cultures.....I live in a world with a nice pension - I 
own my own house - free health care - I am pretty bullet proof - it does 
not matter what I say to may financial standing. I do not live anywhere 
near the wrong sides of the tracks.

Have any of you ever read my chapter - that makes some important points 
about it not being about technology but about the importance of Vision 
in shaping the future of a society or region:

mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-fareast-language:EN-GB;
mso-bidi-font-weight:bold">Roaf, S. (2014).mso-fareast-language:EN-GB"> 
Transitioning to Eco-Cities: Reducing CarbonEmissions while Improving 
Urban Welfare, Chapter 7 in Secure & GreenEnergy Economies edited by 
Young-Doo Wang and John Byrne, TransactionPublishers, Washington.

So I apologise for not understanding where many of you come from in 
considering my contributions unacceptable. It is about culture - and 

Respect SBSE!


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SBSE ... I have the same general question as Dorothy Gerring, specific 
to a systems-based course textbook on urbanized ecosystems, or cities as 
ecosystems. Instead of cobbling together journal articles, book chapters 
and an assortment of resources for the past 15 years, I have finally 
decided on completing a course module-based eBook myself, using a 
'campus as a lab for sustainability' framework, complete with a digital 
platform for assignments, interactive content, and course management 

So far, I have been intrigued with Trunity Trubooks, but would like to 
be more informed on the appropriate publisher / self-publishing options.

Michael Iversen
Urban Planner, Architect, Urban Ecologist, LEED AP

Unity College
Distance Education Subject Matter Expert, Adjunct Instructor
Urban Ecology & Sustainable Planning Masters Program
UESP 605: Sustainable Design

Michael Roy Iversen, Urban & Campus Sustainability Consultancy
Oak Park, IL

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  Hi SBSE Folks:

  I've been teaching a class on siting, sizing, specifying renewable 
energy systems for about 10 years. The books I've been using have become 
a bit dated (and they don't seem like they are going to be updated) and 
I was thinking of writing one because I can't  find anything like what I 

  My questions:

    1.  Would you find it helpful to have a book that explains basic 
siting, sizing, and specifying of typical renewable energy systems? This 
could be used for a studio class (or a systems class) or for a building 
owner wanting to understand how and why to  make their building more 
efficient and if it is a good candidate for renewables.
    2.  What experiences (good and bad) have you had with publishers 
(such as Wiley, McGraw Hill, etc.) and would you recommend one over 

  As always, thank you for your feedback and lively discussion! It is 
wonderful to have a world-wide community of people who are so 
enthusiastic about teaching and sharing about building science issues.

  Dorothy Gerring
  Associate Professor
  Architectural Technology and Sustainable Design
  Pennsylvania College of Technology
  One College Avenue
  Williamsport, PA 17701
  570-326-3761 ext. 7015

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