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For that cohort, you could look at HEED. It will do better at passive heating and cooling than Sefaira, although its modeling limits make it less useful for design studios. Sefaira does NOT account for any interior thermal mass. Natural ventilation is single-sided only. It does not work with any other passive cooling system, such as stack ventilation. Etc.

Mark DeKay

> On Oct 2, 2020, at 12:26 PM, Stefano Schiavon <schiavon at berkeley.edu> wrote:
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> Hi All, 
> Gail and I teach an introduction to energy and environment for undergraduate students. It is not a professional architectural program, and ~1/3 of the students do not have 3D software skills. Topics include climate analysis, energy flows in buildings, thermal properties of building materials, thermal comfort, solar shading, daylighting, passive heating and cooling, indoor air quality, acoustics, and mechanical systems.
> In the past, we used Safaira during lab time and for the final design project to perform some simple energy estimations. We explored the effects of building rotation, changes in the wall assembly, shading devices, windows property, and infiltration rate). It seems that Safaira is not free anymore. Do you know when this change happened and if exceptions are allowed?
> Do you have any suggestions for alternative software?
> Best, 
> Stefano
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