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A question that I should know the answer to but don't...

I'm teaching a studio that will be looking at global precedents in a variety of climates. I would like to have apples to apples climate data around the planet- ideally maps that would line up with the standard IECC climate zone maps of the US. I'm not so much interested in simulation files but in a primarily visual understanding of how places compare... the question that needs to be answered is 'is this precedent appropriate?"

I've become fascinated by Koeppen climate maps, as they seem to promise a global view that is perhaps more holistic in its classification of climates, perhaps getting you closer to identifying precedents sharing some deep place-based kinship. At the same time, the temperature regimes seem very broad and saying that Milwaukee is within the 'continental' climate range doesn't seem to be as helpful as saying that it is a 7000 HDD climate.

Any wisdom or  sources to help either overlay these systems of classification or understand why that doesn't make sense appreciated!


PS here's an interesting Koeppen animation of projected climate shifts


World Maps of Köppen-Geiger climate classification<http://koeppen-geiger.vu-wien.ac.at/shifts.htm>
World Map of Köppen-Geiger climate classification updated. These zip-archives contain in each case one text file (ASCII text with CRLF line terminators) including the climate classification map on a regular 0.5 degree lat/lon grid for the determined period and determined IPPC emission scenario, multi model mean, respectively.

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