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Hi Pablo,

I use Acadly (https://www.acadly.com/) in my class of 85 students. It is installed as a cellphone app (for free) and can be used for taking attendance (using bluetooth connection which would require physical attendance in class), and giving quizzes, exams, and other class activities. The students can also use it for discussions or to make open or anonymous comments to me during and after the lecture.

I'm also curious what interesting building science activities can be done interactively in class.


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Hello SBSE friends,

This semester I started teaching my environmental controls course with 115 students using top hat, an “active learning” tool. I  post questions as I present my slides and students respond using their phones and we can see results projected right away. I like the graphic potential as I can include images in different ways. For example I can post the sun path diagram or the pyschrometric chart and ask the students to select specific points, for example 50% RH with 75 F. We can all see results plotted right away as hotspots. I do a couple of other minor things but wanted to know if there are any recommendations for specific building science activities or any interesting / fun activities



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