[Sbse] Invitation to Biophilic Design Educators Network

Dekay, R Mark mdekay at utk.edu
Tue Oct 16 13:20:22 PDT 2018

SBSE Friends, 

I attach an invitation from Tim McGee at the International Living Future Institute to join their Biophilic Design movement. I’m in. 

Check it out,


Hello,  We invite you to join The Biophilic Design Educators Network <https://biophilic-design-educators-network.mn.co/share/tSHIwuYyv0Gc4jK7?utm_source=manual>, our purpose is to bring biophilic design into higher education. 

The Network was formed following the Biophilic Design Education Forum at CMU on October 1st of 2018. This work was as part of a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation supporting the International Living Future Institute's Biophilic Design Transition Lab.  

Our initial topics and goals include:

1. Creating a model course and curriculum for the advancement of Biophilic Design within the built environment.

2. Establishing a Manifesto that inspires change in our leadership and systems.

3. Collecting efforts to form united goals, and obtain grants to continue work in advancing biophilic design education.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Best Wishes,

Tim McGee

Biophilic Design Manager, International Living Future Institute

Tim McGee
Biophilic Design Manager

International Living Future Institute
1501 East Madison Street, Suite 150, Seattle, WA 98122 <https://maps.google.com/?q=1501+East+Madison+Street,+Suite+150,+Seattle,+WA+98122&entry=gmail&source=g>
T/ 206 223 2028 ext 52 <>   living-future.org <http://living-future.org/>

Mark DeKay, Professor, RA
School of Architecture, University of Tennessee
1715 Volunteer Blvd., Knoxville, TN 37996 
mdekay at utk.edu 

865-974-6056 (fax)  865-773-7177 (mob)

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