[Sbse] Collecting names CVs for Tenure Cohort Analysis

Douglas Noble dnoble at usc.edu
Mon Oct 1 09:25:49 PDT 2018

In the coming year or two, we will be conducting tenure and promotion reviews for assistant professors in the building sciences (environmental controls, systems, daylighting, sustainability, human comfort, etc.)

Like many universities, our university requires a “cohort analysis” comparing candidates to those who have been promoted at other comparable universities.

I would appreciate learning the names of building science faculty members recently receiving tenure at any ACSA school or department of architecture.  My job will include chasing after CVs so that we can do the comparison.

Thank you for your help.

Rather than blitz the SBSE email list, perhaps you can email me directly

dnoble at usc.edu<mailto:dnoble at usc.edu>

Doug Noble
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