[Sbse] DIVA for Rhino 6 + Solemma Symposium

Christoph Reinhart tito_ at mit.edu
Tue Aug 14 08:46:56 PDT 2018

Dear colleagues,

For those of you who are using DIVA for your teaching, I am happy to report that the latest version<https://www.solemma.com/Diva.html> is fully compatible with Rhino 6.

Some of you (or your students) might also be interested in our Solemma Symposium<https://www.solemma.com/Events.html> this year on Oct 23-24 in New York. On day two we will be providing training on circadian lighting design<https://www.solemma.com/Alfa.html> as well as the DIVA Simulation Game<https://www.solemma.com/SimulationGame.html> for the classroom.



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